W82TXT – Skybrook Neighborhood Magazine

W82TXT – Skybrook Neighborhood Magazine

It can happen in an instant. You take your eyes off the road for what feels like a millisecond then BAM everything goes black. OK, this might be worst case scenario, but something to think about when we pick up our phone to answer a text we just received while driving. Unfortunately, texting and driving has become almost the norm. According to a July 2007 survey of 1,000 teens conduct­ed by AAA, 46 percent text while driving. Conjunctively a study by Virginia Tech Driving Institute revealed that those who resort to texting while driving are 23 time more likely to meet with an accident.

W82TXT – Is it spelled correctly?

Fogle Insurance, WAIT TO TEXT: 9/30/11

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By Lee Sullivan
Lake Norman Citizen

Quick. What page is this? Is the line at the top missing something? Is it spelled correctly?
As a text-messaging driver, that’s all it takes. A few seconds of seemingly innocent distraction. A lingering glance away from the road at a few simple letters. A momentary misstep with everlasting consequences.
Fogle Insurance Group of Huntersville wants high school students to learn this lesson the easy way. The family owned and operated company, in partnership with Auto Owners Insurance and in cooperation with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, is taking the “Wait to Text” fight directly to local driver’s education students.
With CMS’s permission, Fogle Insurance representatives have already introduced students at Hopewell, Hough and Mallard Creek to the “W82TXT” campaign. North Mecklenburg High School is next on the list.

Texting and Driving

Tweet    –     News Area Texting and driving: Fogle Insurance Group and  Auto-Owners Insurance recently launched aW82TXT (wait to text) campaign. To bring this campaign presentation to your organization, call Michele Fogle  Sizemore at 704-875-3060 or...