Do You Have A Cyber Liability Protection Plan?

Cyber Liability Insurance

Are you worried your business will be held hostage? Do you know what to do when it happens?
Check out this video to better understand how your business can become prey for a cyber attack. It is happening to businesses of all sizes! You always need to be prepared and have a cyber liability insurance plan in place.
Cyber breaches are on the rise and taking longer to resolve. For businesses that experience a cyber breach, it takes an average of 14 days to resolve the attack and costs an average of $17,696 per day.¹ In spite of this, you may be find you don’t realize just how important cyber liability protection can be. You may even be noticing that there’s a general lack of awareness about the exposure; how cyber insurance policies work; or perhaps even assumptions that existing insurance policies will provide coverage for this type of risk.
Cyber Liability Insurance Protection Charlotte Huntersville Lake Norman
Cyber Liability Business Insurance Protection Charlotte Huntersville Lake Norman

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The right coverage your business or organization needs depends on your level of risk. Find the right Cyber Liability Insurance coverage that is right for your organization.

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